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The progress has been slow, but we continue to work on the project


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1980 Eagle

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.
1980 Eagle
Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:21 pm

Just got it Tuesday and started working on it today. Pictures: ... nref=story

Any ideas for how to get the glue off the ceiling? TONS of glue used. Also a ton of it under the black carpet all over..trying to lighten things up...previous owner (or whoever built it) did NOT want this to come apart ever. =) Which is good. But... a pain to me at the moment.
I have some screws I can't get to move at all...and all this glue...Had to break up the wall in front (crowbar to pry apart the frame boards into pieces) because there were several screws screwed in way below the wood...couldn't even get to them to try to get them out. But the cupboard, I would like to keep that and just move it to the other side so I don't want to bust up the frame, but most of the screws into the ceiling, and some below, will not move. Anything I can do to loosen them up?

Also....kinda sorta thinking about trying to take out the metal...(?what?) tube thing along the bottom sides...covered in black carpet with a ton of glue, don't want the carpet there but I can't think what else to put on it (besides more carpet) due to the shape. Do those usually come out before building? Or is there some reason this needs to be left? There's an outlet in it on one side, but otherwise just a hollow space. (looks like it had lights or maybe speakers at one point? But nothing behind it now). What would I need to cut it out, if even possible? It's only a few inches each side but still...the extra space would be nice too.

This is all brand new to me, learning as I go...hoping you all will share your experience and wisdom to help me out! TIA!
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Re: 1980 Eagle
Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:15 am

Nakia, welcome to our group and thanks for starting a project thread.

You asked some questions that I will try to answer.

Glue: It looks like the converter used some pretty nasty industrial bonding glue. Some folks who "upholster" their ceiling use the same glue that was used for bonding landau tops on cars (good heat resistance). In either case, my guess is that you could try an industrial heat gun, or grinding. Another alternative is to simply cover up the area with your new ceiling material. Lots of choices there. That might be the subject of another thread.

Screws: The best tool to remove the screws is an impact driver such as this one: One of the problems is that the screws are probably driven into the frame tubing. There is a lot of moisture in those tubes and they tend to rust and adhere to the tube. In many cases, I have broken the head of the screw off, but that is usually not a problem. Worse case, you may have to cut the heads off with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel.

AC/Heater Duct removal. If you do not have the factory AC (or plan to remove it - most do), then you can remove those ducts. I used a skill saw to cut them on the top close to the wall. It is a very dirty smelly job.

One word of caution: please invest in a GOOD dust protection mask. Some folks use the cloth type masks that look like the ones you see in the hospital. I have a beard and also some issues with sensitive lungs from some bad exposures over the year, so I upgraded to this mask: Believe me, you do not want to damage your lungs, and there are some pretty bad things in our buses.

Jim Shepherd
Evergreen, CO
'85 Eagle 10 with Series 60 & Eaton AutoShift 10 speed transmission - not at all fancy, but fully functional
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Re: 1980 Eagle
Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:26 pm

Welcome aboard Nakia,
You have made great progress.
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Re: 1980 Eagle
Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:15 am

Nakia, Welcome to the site. The glue can sometimes be softened with zylen ( sp) but it on heavy and cover it with plastic so it does not evaporate. let it set for a couple hours. That will be harder on the roof may need to grind that.

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