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Git R Done

This is the place to discuss all your tricks and tips of bus life. From how to pack everything you need, to the best on the road recipes.
Re: Git R Done
Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 am

van wrote:Air Bags already? :lol: :lol: O.K. :D This ought to be good. ;) LOL!
Glad that you got your bird least long enough to bring it to the ac shop :D

Air bags

Air bags, seem to me the way to go. First off, it relieves you of having to depend on a junkyard for used parts when things go wrong with the torsion bar suspension (which we all know is now not manufactured in the U.S.). Secondly, air bags (namely truck parts) are fairly common throughout the country, and finding replacements, should not be a problem. I just look at it a one more step in the evolution of a quality road-worthy coach, something I think, needs to be done.

To each his own .... right?

Believe me neighbor, air bags and suspension parts are NOT my main problem right now. So in order to maintain my sanity (what is left of it) I search out a diversion. The past couple of days, I have been spending a great deal of time on the Internet, trying to figure out this horrific nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico. Reading all the new posts on this board.

This week has been interesting to say the least. Watching robotic machines, hard at work, a full mile below the surface of the ocean, is interesting for an old coot like myself, I didn’t know such things were possible. Hard work. (“If there is no struggle, then there is no progress.” Fredrick Douglas) In the meantime, the wetlands die, and the local inhabitants struggle to exist.

BP’s petroleum based ignominious failure in the gulf is truly a envioromental tragedy in the making. I suppose when it is all cut and dried, and when diesel reaches a point where only the truly Rich & Famous will be the only one’s able to afford it, I will have to find something else to do with my time.

Bury my bus in the back yard and turn it into a storm cellar on the high plains'. Perhaps move to a new locale, find something to stimulate and at the same time amuse me. It might be time for me to move to some place and start a new life.

The Gobi Desert strikes me as interesting, not a whole lot of traffic, you don’t have to dress to stir and amaze. No Circuit City-Best Buy mail out circulars in the mailbox every other day.

That might work.

Open up some little unadorned watering hole beside the trail, name it “Smitty’s” or something catchy like that. Give it a nostalgic Wendy’s-Doggy-Diner flair. Serve up some home-made distilled brew, with the consistency of Blue Velvet aftershave, perhaps a distinct odor of Pine Tar.

Decorate the place with reindeer antlers and serve up warm Yak Milk for the non drinkers, those who do not care to imbibe. Everything will be dirt cheap, and as usual club badges will be required.

Life goes on ... BP apologizes but once again, the news is not good, and diesel continues to rise in price. So it goes … First your money and then your clothes … I wonder, it is hot in the Gobi? Let us hope so.

That is about it, where the rubber meets the road, the gist of it. You get busy shining up your chrome and dressing up your old buggy for the Black Hills. Just a few weeks remain, it will be on you before you know what hit ya.

Y’all have a good time in Custer City, we will (again) be a no show because of circumstances beyond our control. Think of us fondly as you sit around the campfire, we will be here at home. There you find me working on my I.D. Theft Restoration project and munching on a Baby Ruth or a bag of Cheeto’s.

Watch those right handers ....

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Re: Git R Done
Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:34 pm

Hey Don not to worry as we speak Eileen is polishing the wheels and Alum siding , washing the windows pulling the screens and washing them too . I even put the Bus up on blocks so she could crawl under it a little easier lol Glad you got your Baby back and at least now you can work on it and amuse yourself , and you won't have to watch Opra reruns lol . If you get anywhere near Miles city give me a call I would like to see your Outfit (That's Montana talk for your Bus ) Oh by the way your package is in the mail . Later Dude
Andy Wright 68 Silver Eagle Model 5 8V92 #7481
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Eagle Andy
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Re: Git R Done
Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:44 am

Eagle Andy wrote: Oh by the way your package is in the mail . Later Dude

It arrived yesterday in good shape, I refunded you the postage, should get it about the middle of next week.

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