This website is sponsored by Eagles International Chapter of FMCA.  They maintain this website as well as the forum.  While the website contains a great deal of general information, the forum is really the backbone of the vast amount of technical information about Eagle buses and Eagle bus conversions.

One of the most popular forums is the “Project Eagles” (here).  There are some amazing detailed documentations of Eagles being converted to great motorhomes.

Also be sure to check the “events” category on this page for information on upcoming rallies

Both the website and the forum are public sites, open to anyone interested in Eagle buses.


The founders of Eagles International formed the club as a way for people to meet with one thing in common. That commonality being the Eagle Bus and its use as a conversion into a motor coach.

To be a member of the club you must own an Eagle Bus, be in the business that supports the Eagle Bus or the bus conversion industry. We are a chapter of FMCA. You must be a member of FMCA to be a member of our club. (Note: Club membership is different than Forum membership. The Forum is open to all bus enthusiasts.)

We have a formal order of a board of directors and officers to oversee the business of our club. The main business of the club is to organize rallies across the country. The purpose of the rallies is for club members and people interested in our club to gather to share their buses and have a fun time.

Two or three times a year we publish a newsletter and distribute it to our members. The newsletter is used to Relay club meeting minutes, upcoming rallies and report on past rallies.

We have approximately 200 members.