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Princess MD

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.
Re: Princess MD
Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:08 pm

Hello, Princess

Bus & Car frame number 2016 was the 16th of 45 Model 07 Eagles built in Belgium very late in 1969 and very early in 1970.

The original Continental Trailways bus number was 32529, which was the 29th Eagle...05...assigned to Safeway Trails in the northeast. OK, yours is an 07 but Continental numbered them in the 05 series for two reasons. The 700 series was already used for Model 01 Eagles. The 07's, which looked almost exactly like 05's, were sometimes used in places where 102 inch wide buses were not officially allowed at the time. To put it another way, even the stupidest highway patrolman could easily see the difference between Greyhound's 96 inch wide MC5 and MC7 buses compared to the 102 inch wide MC6 model. There was only one small visual clue the Model 07 was wider than the 05 and that was the destination sign above the windshield was six inches wider, which kept the amount of metal on either side of the sign the same on both the 05 and 07 coaches.

Later on your bus was transfered to Continental's Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo (DCSP) operation in the mountain west where 102 inch wide buses could operate freely and did not need any special permits to do so. In turn, DCSP had to to send one of its Model 05 buses back to Safeway.

Your bus got a real nice makeover and now looks like a much newer Model 15 than an older 07. Good luck in sorting out the electricals and plumbing.
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