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There is a plan in place for a new administrator who will restore and update this site.

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The forum continues to be in low maintenance mode untill the new administrator is fully on board. The "registration" and "contact us" options are not active.

Frodnew's 1989, Model 15, 6v92, 102" wide

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.

Problem Solved!!!!!!!

The 80 tells me that it's an ex-Trailways, Inc. Model 15 coach.

The 123 says it's the 123rd Model 15 for Trailways. It carried the Greyhound number of 0763 and was likely used in cross country service.

The first four went to Continental Dixie Lines as 12201 to 12204. They were later given Greyhound numbers. The rest went new to Greyhound and were numbered in the Greyhound system of bus numbers which had four digits.

Greyhound ordered 156 Model 15's plus the four ex-Trailways coaches for a total of 160. Some of these may have been used in commuter operations. Later on they operated other Eagles that were either repossessed or else were buses that were leased out when new and returned to Greyhound at the end of their leases..
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Thank you for that reply. I'll certainly do some more reading. There's so much to learn!
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Hi Eagle Fam!

Updates on my Eagle have been slow due to it's location in NC and the weather. The bus is going to be moved about an hour and a half closer to the seller so he can put on 6 new tires and give it a good servicing. I was going to head up north from Florida to get it but had issues with the VIN pulling it up as a coach so the seats were pulled out and all that's left after the service and tires will be to put some camp (RV) stuff in it providing the minimum of what's required to be a "House Car" as they call them in NC and get it titled and insured as an RV.
Insuring a coach as an RV is more difficult in Fla as it appears, especially if it's not already titled as an RV or professionally done. More updates in a few weeks but wanted to say that I'm so grateful for this site and all who keep it up and running. Thank you!
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Eric, thanks for the update.

As you may notice in the header note, it looks like our forum will continue for the foreseeable future. Please keep us updated.

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As of yesterday, the bus was moved closer to the seller's location in order to work on the bus easier (Denver, NC). The drive was about an hour and a half and she drove great. Once there, six new tires were put on which was part of the purchase agreement and a service is coming up.
Very excited at this point to see she made it through two terrible hurricanes unscathed. More to come!
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