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Spotted: Two nice Eagles still inservice

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I am in Memphis, TN this week for work and I drove the 550 miles from North Carolina in my car instead of flying. About 30 miles west of Knoxville I thought I saw on the horizon in my rear view mirror two Eagles coming my way. As they got closer I noticed CB antennas so I hailed them on CH 19 and they responded. They were running for B & C Transporation out of Maryville, TN and were glad to talk about the Eagles. This company is running several Eagles and the driver says they have an older staff that really knows the Eagle and keeps them in top shape. I ask him if he knew that Eagle was back in business and he did not and would pass that along to the owner. When I mentioned that I had a 1984 Eagle, one of the drivers said "this is a 84 coming by you now". These guys were cruising about 75 and each had a 6V92TA and manual transmission. It was nice to sees these great buses still working every day!
Tom Hamrick
Tom Hamrick
1981 Eagle 10
1991 Prevost H3-40
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Club Member
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That's great, Tom! I always like seeing an Eagle anywhere. Make sure and tell people about the forum!
Dale Houston
1993 Eagle 15-45
Nashville, TN
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