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Silver Eagle Manufacturing

This is a public forum for the discussion of all things Eagle. Whether it be an upcoming Eagles International event or the history of Silver Eagle. Trolling or spamming will not be tolerated.
Silver Eagle Manufacturing
Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:08 am

I received an eamil from Wayne Carey yesterday, this is what he wrote.

"Hello, I like your web site and I finally added a link to your site from the factory links page. I also put a splash on the front page under the picture of the new bus.

As a webmaster, i have noticed a flaw in your contact page of the website. Some people, lots of people cannot sent you an email because like myself

when they attempt to click on the link on your contact page it says:

Could not perform the operation because the default mail client is not installed.

Many people do not have this mail client installed and cannot have it installed. I have gmail, it won't work so I had a real hard time and had to break down the source of that page which most people can't do to find your email address.

I would suggest that you put the email address on the site as a link or at least spell out the email address for people to write to you.

Check out the front page and links and let me know what you think.


wayne carey"

Thanks Wayne for making us a part of your site. The additional exposure will be good for all of us.
Becky & Paul Lawry
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