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Now that Jefferson is gone....

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Now that Jefferson is gone....
Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:00 pm

Where do we get Eagle parts?

When I bought my 1985 Houston Metro eagle 10 in 2000 I took it to Krause Bus Sales in San Antonio for a full inspection. He found my front end steering parts about to fall to the ground. He ordered $5500 in eagle front end parts from Jefferson and rebuilt the entire front end. He no longer works on Eagles, and Jefferson no longer sells the parts. Fortunately for me my front end rebuild should outlast me, but where are we going to get these parts in the future? I love my bus and have had extraordinary good service out of it for 19 years, but I can't help to worry a bit that a breakdown somewhere is going to be an extraordinary unpleasant event if it happens. I am thankful that the forums are available and the network of busnuts helping each other usually expedites a stranded person get his coach back on the road in short time. We probably need to compile a list of bone yards and other places that we can find parts and things. I think it would be helpful.
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Re: Now that Jefferson is gone....
Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:47 am

One of the best suppliers is GOODSON BUS SALES, 4841 Maiden Hwy, Maiden, North Carolina. (828) 428-4102. Frankie and Gregg are two of the nicest people you will ever talk to, and parts, they got parts and salvage buses.
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Re: Now that Jefferson is gone....
Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:56 am

I talked briefly with James Polsfuss who was at the auction and sadly, it sounds like a significant amount of the parts went to a scrapper who did not have an understanding of the real value to us.

James was staying over and trying to convince the scrapper to at least offer some of the stuff for sale.

A very sad day.

Jim Shepherd
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Re: Now that Jefferson is gone....
Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:16 am

I posted this just after I had followed the auction online on the BCM forum: "I just finished following the auction today, and it was kind of depressing. It really looks like the place has deteriorated a lot, and has been picked over quite a bit. There were many thousands of items sold today, nonetheless, and that ends one of the prime sources of parts for some time. Many items were really cheap, like seven parts buses going for $360 each, all of the remaining Eagle and GM manuals going for $1 (one of the manuals was marked "Jeff's"), an Allison HT740 takeout for $35 (with driveshaft). Most lots seemed to be under $100, but a few rose to $300 - $450, but they included multiple shelves and/or racks as well. There were a number of NOS Eagle bumper corners still wrapped in cardboard, but that was part of a $450 lot. Super heavy duty jack stands for $6, on and on. I hope Norris (if he is still with us) was not there to see it. :("

I assume that it probably was the scrapper that bought the seven lot collection of parts buses, but these were severely picked over already and were missing a lot of parts. Goodson has some parts for Eagles, but they were generally priced higher than Jefferson, and they will probably rise a bit further now. The decline in parts availability is why I keep two parts Eagles on hand to support my 1984 Model 10. We are not alone in the search for parts, there are buses out there that are much older than ours, but they keep running. Keep all those grease joints lubed up, the part you save will be precious!
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Re: Now that Jefferson is gone....
Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:51 am

We have the capabilities to create nearly all parts from the original prints. As is with any manufacturing, economy of scale is key. The more parts that are manufactured to orders the lower the individual parts cost. Check out our website

We appreciate any feedback you may have as we are always looking to improve our services and products. Also note that if you have parts/motorcoach that you would like to sell, we can also list them on our website.
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