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Wrico International

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Wrico International
Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:32 am

Something for you all to know about.

During a trip early this month, going to San Francisco, our generator shut down. We don't have dash air, but we do have the ability to run one A/C on the inverter. As hot as it was, one A/C wasn't nearly enough. I was able to see the problem was the failure of the fuel solenoid (sometimes called the start/stop solenoid). The next morning I called Dick Wright of Wrico. He went way over the line to help. We determined that not only the fuel solenoid problem, but the starter had failed. Through his association with Kubota, Dick went out for me and found a supplier in South San Francisco. Further, without the solenoid, he helped me set up the generator to run, though only started and stopped locally. That got us almost home. Due to my oversight, the quiet box cooling fans were not included in our set up to run the generator. It shut down about 30 miles from home. After that trip, I thought I had the fans running with the generator, and we took of on a trip to southern California. Going down there, all went fine. The return trip not so well. The generator shut down again with about 400 miles yet to get home in very hot weather. With serious discomfort, we got to Bishop, CA, then home the next day.
Dick got me the new solenoid. We decided I should redo the 12V wiring as the failure of the fuel solenoid might have caused some deterioration. Several long telephone conversations later, I had Dick's direction on every wire, every relay, every connection and different tests, I got the generator running again, with both quiet box fans as well.
Without Dick's incredible efforts to help, I would have been unlikely to solve all the problems. He has always been very helpful when needed, but this time he went way over the top. I hope the use of our forum here will allow me to express my appreciation.

1978 05 Eagle with 450HP Cummins ISM / Allison HT740
Started in 1996 and still an in-progress hobby.
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Re: Wrico International
Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:33 pm

Glad to hear you are up and running . I agree Dick is always very helpful .
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