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Website Question

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Website Question
Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:11 pm

I always enter the website through the search engines not by the URL headings. (don't laugh too long :lol: ).Anyway today when I tried to enter from the bosses computer (MSN) the search engine did not find us. I have to log in through the work website (AOL) and the search engine finds us at the top of the page. Did the boss do something to me or is something else wrong? I suppose I am the only one who enters the site that way but for someone looking for us that is the way they will come in, and won't find us.

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Re: Website Question
Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:35 pm


I am not sure why we are not showing up on MSN. We were submitted to them and their bot crawls our site all the time. The last time was March 24. I will follow up on it and see what the deal is.

We show up in the number two spot if you type Eagles International into Google. That is how most people will probably search for us since they are the largest search engine.

We show up number one on Yahoo, which is the second largest. And number two on AOL.

I am glad you did it this way so we could find this out, but coming to the site through search engines all the time is a lot of hassle. You should set a bookmark to make things easier for you. Worst case, you should just type right into the URL bar instead of the search bar. That at least saves you one click getting here.
Dale Houston
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