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Meet some new Eagle owners today

This is a public forum for the discussion of all things Eagle. Whether it be an upcoming Eagles International event or the history of Silver Eagle. Trolling or spamming will not be tolerated.
Meet some new Eagle owners today
Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:35 pm

Meet Ron & Barbara Laplace today from Fortuna Ca at the AVI they have a beautiful Eagle and wll be joining our board the name of their bus is RTZYGPC.Oh yea Paul another 01 for you
Good luck
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Re: Meet some new Eagle owners today
Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:27 am

Clifford, The 01's are getting stronger! Glad to hear you found one, hope they come and participate and show off their Eagle!

I know of another Brand New Eagle Owner, but I'll not burst his bubble and let him share their new love! ;) It's an 05, but they bought an Eagle instead of one of the other breeds! :lol: I've been on him for several years to hurry up and find one, they bit the bullet and emptied their wallet! ;)
Becky & Paul Lawry
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