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Eagle Sighting in Tampa

This is a public forum for the discussion of all things Eagle. Whether it be an upcoming Eagles International event or the history of Silver Eagle. Trolling or spamming will not be tolerated.
Re: Eagle Sighting in Tampa
Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:43 am

Jim, if you go to the Projects Section of this forum there are a couple of threads at the top that tell you how to host and post pictures. Also, when you are composing a message, look at the bottom left of the screen and you will see a little line that says BBCode is ON. You can click on BBCode and it will take you to a page that shows you all the different things you can do with codes on the forum.

Looking forward to the pictures. Also, I enjoyed your website. Takes me back home to the 'singins' at our church when I was young. Now if we only had a spread of home cooking out on the church yard for after the music was done...
Dale Houston
1993 Eagle 15-45
Nashville, TN
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Re: Eagle Sighting in Tampa
Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:58 am

Welcome aboard Jim,always room for another eagle owner as well as those interested in the Eagle.we gotta get you up to speed on picture posting ,and dale ,dream scape as well as others here can help.Photo bucket seems to be the service of choice ,as it is free.
we seem to have been the fore runners among the bus forums that have led the way in posting photos,as now all the other boards are rapidly following in our foot steps :D .
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Club Member
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Re: Eagle Sighting in Tampa
Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:44 pm

WELCOME ABOARD HARVESTER! So glad to see you on here. Here are the pictures of your bus you wanted us to post. The moderators of this board will gladly help you along (and we will too if we can). Try to set up one of these pictures on your profile so it will show up under your name whenever you post something.



Manny & Darlene's
1972 Silver Eagle 05
VIN # 8851
8V71 / HT740 4 Speed Automatic
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