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Remember Cody and his wife in your prayers...

This is a public forum for the discussion of all things Eagle. Whether it be an upcoming Eagles International event or the history of Silver Eagle. Trolling or spamming will not be tolerated.

Thanks for letting us know how she is doing, Cody. You are both in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.

I'm glad to see you still have a sense of humor. I believe that does help make a bad situation a little bit more bearable. That J-Lo line was classic! :D
Dale Houston
1993 Eagle 15-45
Nashville, TN
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Cody, I don't post to the Mak board any longer but I do follow your post about Libby every day that is the only one I read.I am so happpy for you that she is making the turn for the better and hope you have many years left with her.nothing like this has ever happen to to me and I would be lost with out my wife of 40 years.Sonnie's heart is breaking with the lose of Patti so thankful it didn't happen to you

God Bless

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Cody, Take care of your self in these tough times. Libby will need you at your best when she comes out of this. We think of you and pray for you both every day.

God Bless Wayne
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Thanks for the update Cody.

We are praying that you two will spend many more years together. I can't imagine what you are going through, as nothing in my life can compare to it.

I too read the MAK Board on her progress, but it's nice to hear it here too!

Keep the Faith,

Becky & Paul Lawry
1968 Eagle 01 #7443
Silver 8V92 HT 740

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This is Darlene...
Just finished reading these posts re you and your wife. Hope she is doing even better today. Manny & I will certainly be praying.
Manny & Darlene's
1972 Silver Eagle 05
VIN # 8851
8V71 / HT740 4 Speed Automatic
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