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The progress has been slow, but we continue to work on the project


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"Paul Lawry" article in January, 2009 BCM Magazine

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Congratulations Paul on your article published in BCM (January 2009 Issue, Page 20. A very good article for those to encourage them to continue to convert their Eagle or really any bus. You have appropriately named your bus (Dreamscape) but am sure in time your dream will be completed as you see it or maybe 95% at least. We never run out of ideas to make changes in our portable homes and pride and Joys, I am so looking forward to doing this also after all this time.

I want to include it is sad to know that in this months January issue of BCM that George Myers will no longer be publishing articles in the BCM magazine for a while anyhow again because of this economy. George your information on techinical issues is greatly appreciated by us all. This is like saying (Goodbye) to an old friend which is hard to do, we only hope to see you back again soon.

Getting back to our interest in bus conversion information we all know that now is the time to purchase a bus to convert with the economy as it is but again inspect, inspect, inspect to minimize your repair times to maximize your fun traveling times instead.

If several othes bus owner converters can send in partialy completed bus conversion articles(such as Paul Lawry did) to BCM magazine, hopefully the magazine will be fuller in size to encourage everyone to continue renewing their subscriptions to this fine magazine. Articles in documented form such as changing brake systems from the old (DD3's) to spring brakes and the pit falls of doing such and the success as well. All information such as changing wiring of Eagles to minimize electrical problems down the road and how to install slide outs as you progress with this feat are just ideas that you all can send in with photos of your start and finish converted project.

Congratulations again Paul, keep the progress posted in any form possible for us all to enjoy and learn from.

Owner of the "Rustless Money Pit" 1973 Model 05 Eagle. for instructional video
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Gary LaBombard
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Club Member
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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the support! I did this while I was in Ireland, sending in the information to Chad. He sure did a good job editing and made it look pretty good too! ;) He is trying very hard to change the look and feel of the magazine, hopefully trying to generate some interest in other busnuts sending in their adventures.

It would be great if anyone of the Eagle Family would do the same. Possibly generate more interest in our marque and showing people that Silver Eagle is not dead!

So, come on guys and gals, send in a story! 8-)
Paul Lawry
1968 Eagle 01 #7443
Silver 8V92 HT 740

Dreamscape Build Blog:
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I am right there with you guys. I have an article that I sent in a couple of weeks ago and is in print now for the Feb 09 issue. I am going to order the back issues I need to see your articles. Gary what was the month that yours was in last year so I can get it too. Looking forward to seeing both of them.

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Kentucky Steve
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