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"Bus Rally" videos posted on YOUTUBE

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"Bus Rally" videos posted on YOUTUBE
Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:26 am

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great start for this New Year and this is the best year for us all considering how terrible 2008 was.

This post is for those that may not frequent some of the other bb'd's and I wanted to include all that may enjoy this information.

I don't post on any of the bbd's anymore by my choice but I did want to post this information. I have submitted 29 videos on (Youtube) and 10 of them are video's to do with previous bus rallies we have attended and videos of those we did not with information & Photos submitted by other busnut friends whom I give credit for. I have tried to arrange the videos for your viewing to enjoy. The videos pertaining to bus rallies all start with the first bus rally video - ("Garylee" Video "A", Bus rallies, Kyle's "NON" bus rally, October 3-5, 2008). The continuing bus rally videos will all be labeled with Capital Letters ("A-F1"), 10 bus rally videos total.

There is 19 other videos that may not interest you that pertain to trying to encourage anyone to play and sing music like I attempt to do. You will see the headings for each video to choose what you want to view and not view.

The menu on the right hand side of (Youtube) website allows you (TO SEE MORE OF GARYLEE 1945 VIDEO'S), just click on it to see the menu for all 29 videos to sort what may interest you.

From the selection provided at the bottom of the youtube screen click on the symbol for a full computer screen view of each video. All these buses look great and I am sure you will remember being there when you see these videos.

Here is the site for the first video:

Again Have a great & safe traveling New Year.

Owner of the "Rustless Money Pit" 1973 Model 05 Eagle. for instructional video
Eaglesinternational bb'd best site for Eagle owners to receive information.
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Gary LaBombard
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Club Member
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Gary ,always nice to so your videos and documentation of the bus events ,Cheryl and I have enjoyed them all.I got a couple of shorties on the tube also,enjoy 8-)
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