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Cooling Fan Overdrive Unit

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Cooling Fan Overdrive Unit
Sun May 31, 2009 2:41 pm

Ahoy, Eagles,

I have removed my fan drive ‘overdrive’ unit from my -01 Eagle, and my first offer is to our Eagles, rather than to the ‘great unwashed’.

It is derived from an ‘80’s Volvo Laycock transmission overdrive unit. Has a 26% speed-up in overdrive. There are a number of mods to permit installation in a bus as a fan drive. It was NOT easy to build, and the pix show it quite well. An electric solenoid valve on the case puts it into overdrive, with a temp switch to do it (plus a manual driver’s switch). This thing lived behind a sort of anemic Volvo engine, but it looks just like the ones behind the Dodge Cummins diesels, so it is likely to last a long time just running a fan.

My -01 Eagle has a Cummins M-11 and Roadranger 10 spd. My radiator is ~~25% bigger than the already big Eagle unit, and my fan is a 12 bladed 34” aerodynamic unit. My first engine was a 6V-92T, but this one is so cold blooded that the overdrive has NEVER turned on. I was doing some re-arranging so I removed the unit. You DD 2cycle guys can better use it than me.

The length, flange to flange is 16.740”. The input is 1.3125” dia x 0.596”, with a ½” NC bolt hole. I coupled to the bevel drive with a Dodge coupling -- The sort which has round pegs on each face, and a urethane drive disk. The output flange is (Volvo) 3.250” dia, with 4ea 0.250” holes, and 4ea 8mm holes. I just bolted my (machined) output 3 belt pulley to it.

I will try to post the pictures here, but they are big files, so I can forward them as two emails. Please ask at: or ph 831 625 0670

Price: I believe that it is worth at least $250.00, but I’ll consider offers, up or down.

Enjoy /s/ Bob
Bob Belter Carmel CA ---- Eagle -01 /w/ Cummins M-11/ Roadranger ten speed RTO1110
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