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New Member Question

Got an Eagle for sale? Looking for an Eagle? How about parts? As long as it is Eagle or bus conversion related, feel free to post it here. This is a public forum.
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New Member Question
Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:18 am

We are considering purchasing a Silver Eagle conversion. This wouldn’t be our first motorhome, but it would be our first bus conversion. This site has a wealth of knowledge and we would appreciate any help. We found one that an individual converted on eBay (item 282116467189). I spoke with the person helping sell the bus. He said the husband worked over 13 years doing the conversion and only took four trips before passing away. He is helping the wife sell the bus. Many of you know a lot of owners in this area and I would like to know if any of you guys know this bus or have suggestions on what to look for during an inspection (rust, AC, heating, size of generator recommended, etc). Thanks. ... 2116467189
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Re: New Member Question
Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:29 am

First of all, Kirby, welcome to our group.

I always recommend that folks tell us about what they are looking at so that we can make observations.

I have to express some pretty significant reservations about the bus you are looking at.

First of all, it is a model 01 Eagle and the Torsilastic suspension units are no longer available. The photos suggest that the bus is sitting a bit low and would have to be adjusted (if the adjustment is available). Some folks modify the suspension to add air spring bags, but that is a big job.

Next, the present bid is close to $56K. That is a very high price in today's market. Worse yet, the reserve has not yet been met.

There are some really great Eagles in that price range with late model engines that would be a much better buy, in my opinion.

Jim Shepherd
Evergreen, CO
'85 Eagle 10 with Series 60 & Eaton AutoShift 10 speed transmission - not at all fancy, but fully functional
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Re: New Member Question
Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:39 am


This is exactly the help I was hoping for when I found this site. What caught my eye on the eBay bus was the look of the outside with the Silver Eagle badge on the side but was concerned over things like generator size, two stroke engine, etc. So now, based on your post, I will back up a bit and tell a little of our story. We started tent camping years ago, camping over 30 nights in some years. From there, we moved to a small fifth wheel with our kids. We made a big step up to a 45’ Monaco Signature that we traveled all over the US with our kids. As the kids got older, they didn’t travel as much with us so we reversed course by selling the Monaco and purchasing a Sprinter based class B (Leisure Travel Free Spirit SS). My wife and I traveled the US and Canada enjoying it tremendously. Now, our kids are starting to have kids and we are looking to upsize again to take our grandkids along since the Sprinter is only good for two. We were camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness (yes, just the two of us) recently and a Silver Eagle was across from us. After several long conversations with the owner, we are really interested. Now, here is what we think we are looking for: good mechanicals like engine, generator, tanks, etc. The condition of the inside is not as important since we would like to redo it. Maybe we have watched too many tiny house shows. I know all motorhomes break since we did most of the repairs on the Monaco ourselves; however, I do not want to worry about breaking down beside the ride on every trip. As a side note, we plan on keeping the Sprinter for touring type trips where we are moving almost every night. It is well suited for that. Based on the above, are we on the right track? Any help on how to find this, if it is even possible, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Kirby
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Re: New Member Question
Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:03 am

Wow, that is a gorgeous Model 01, however I agree with Jim and would want something a lot newer for that kind of money.

Good luck, and post pics of whatever you end up getting!
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