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Needed Silver Eagle bus Model 05 right rear brake booster

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I am looking for a replacement brake booster for my model 05 eagle bus, or if someone can give me some info on a rebuild kit, or an alternate option to get my bus back on the road. Any help is appreciated, thank you. I am located in San Antonio Texas. I had my left side rebuilt last year but the mechanic who did it is MIA.
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San Antonio Texas
Tim Villanueva
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Tim, I am not sure that you are using the correct terminology. What I suspect you are asking, is where to find a replacement rear brake actuator. Eagles used both spring brakes and DD3 brake actuators. If you are lucky, it is a spring brake system and you can find the parts lots of places.

If it is a DD3, that is harder to find. They are no longer manufactured. Rebuilt ones are available, but expensive. I think there are rebuild kits for the DD3s.

If it is a spring brake system, they can be rebuilt with new diaphragms, but they are very dangerous if not done properly (big caged spring). I am a firm believer in replacing the whole unit (any air brake "can") as the housing can fail from fatigue. Besides they are not all that expensive.

Hopefully others can confirm which system you have.

Jim Shepherd
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I would start here.

Krause Bus Sales
2301 Nogalitos Street
San Antonio, Texas 78225

Phone: 210-534-6711
These folks may be able to help.
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apparently there is a discussion at BNO on this very subject.,772.0.html
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Don't even try and repair or replace the DD3 change over to springs enough of us here have done the change it is a cake walk Bob and Jim did one in a RV park and it won't cost as much as the repair on 1 DD3

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701 Springfield Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78219
ogburn brake has what you need
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