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HELP!!! I am needing some front end parts for my 1967 Eagle

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HELP!!! I am needing some front end parts for my 1967 Eagle #7285...
I was told that Ed at Jefferson bus in OK may have the parts so I contacted him about parts & prices. He asked me to E mail him a list of what I needed, so I did: King Pin kit - right side, upper A arm bushings - both sides, break pads - all, Wheel seals - Front, rear & bogie, Torshion bars.

He got back to me with the part #'s & prices for some of the stuff. I tried to look / match up the #'s with my parts book but his #'s are different. It looks as if there are several front end versions. I just want to make sure that I get the right parts fo my bus so I took some pictures under the front end of my bus and E mailed them to him and asked if he could make sure these are the right parts... Have not heard back for a week but re-sent the E mail 2X and called once...

Also, I now know there are NO new torshion springs for my bus... Does anyone know - can my old ones be repaired? Can they be adjusted and still ride OK? My front end is about the right height but one side is a little higher than the other. The rear is low on both sides. Any ideas what to do about that?

Thanks for any advice,
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Do you have any rod sticking out on the rear axle adjustments rods? If so you are lucky.

I'm going to have to add a couple of air bags to give it some help.

Follow Dan's procedure for making any adjustments.
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