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Roadmaster Falcon 5250 Stainless Steel TowBar Assy

Got an Eagle for sale? Looking for an Eagle? How about parts? As long as it is Eagle or bus conversion related, feel free to post it here. This is a public forum.
NOTE: Be smart about what personal information you post in your ad.

I have a used Roadmaster Falcon 5250 Stainless Steel Tow Bar for sale. I have decided not to tow a vehicle behind the Ealge, so up for sale it goes. Included are 2 safety cables the locks for security and a tow bracket for a Jeep Wrangler or most all other Jeeps. If you can build an Eagle I am sure you can modify this for most any other vehicle. The shipping cost will be whatever it cost me to send it to you.

This is the tow brackets for a Jeep Wrangler.

This is the safety cables, they have never been used.

This is the complete tow bar assy.

This just a pictures to show you the brand name of the tow bar.

This is another picture of the bracket assy for the Jeep Wrangler.


I am asking $400.00 for all of it, plus whatever the shipping cost would be. Leave me a message here or at
eaglebus8920 at

Thank you for looking

Duane & Cheryl
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