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Eagle Model 10 shell for sale 2 SLIDEOUTS

Got an Eagle for sale? Looking for an Eagle? How about parts? As long as it is Eagle or bus conversion related, feel free to post it here. This is a public forum.
NOTE: Be smart about what personal information you post in your ad.

1985 Eagle Model 10 For Sale
This coach has been professionally converted but is still a shell
All new mirror Fluted siding
Roof Raise 6"
Front and rear caps
Foam insulation with firring strips
14' living room HWH mechanism SLIDEOUT
King bed HWH mechanism SLIDEOUT
HWH computer controlled 24k rear 16K front Jacks
Cafe style Compartment doors
Ramco elec/heated mirrors
Custom 10K hitch installed
Generator compartment gen ready.

Call Paul Morrison 559-875-8820 for more details
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Sorry, I didn't include all 12 Peninsula Dual Glazed windows in the original post.
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How about a few photos and a price? I'm in the market for an Eagle.

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I can take some pics on Monday,
I am trying to sell this for a customer, so his price is $85K. He has $120K in it, but he might deal a little on the $85. Also he will consider any reasonable offer so don't be shy.

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it was nice talking to you on the phone the other day. I hope we can get up there soon and take a look at this nice Eagle. My purposes, as I told you, are not to buy but to see your work. It will be nice knowing there is someone around close that I can get to do some of the stuff I may not be able to do.
Dale Houston
1993 Eagle 15-45
Nashville, TN
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Dale ,you lookin fer a new one already! :lol: . mamma would like that one for shure 8-)
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