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Skinning Question and Bus for Sale Question

This is a public forum to discuss Eagle related technical issues. If you are having a problem with your Eagle, this is the place to find help.

We haven't skinned our bus yet.
Still researching and trying to get some good idea's before
we start.

We still haven't figured it all out yet.

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Mine was an insurance job, so it doesn't bother me to tell you the cost. In February, 2003 it was almost 17 grand. Be aware at that time, the aluminum siding (mirror finish they got from International Bus Parts) was about $8000 and using mono-bolts the rivets (almost 10,000) cost nearly $4000. As you can see, the total of those two items ran almost 12,000 or about 70% of the total.
Today is going to be significantly different. As I understand things, the cost of materials is up significantly, but the economy may help on the labor side.
Hope this helps some.
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About All I Can Say Is ...WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks For Sharing.

JOHN 8-)
John & Stephanie
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