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Shifter Adjustment

This is a public forum to discuss Eagle related technical issues. If you are having a problem with your Eagle, this is the place to find help.
Shifter Adjustment
Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:16 pm

I need help getting my shifter adjusted. I have a 1964 Model 01. I resently had a clitch installed and the shifter seems to bottom out before it is in 2nd and 4th. It will still go if I het just right. Paul scanned and sent pictures but it is for a shifter with 2 rods. Mine has only one. On the back is a universal joint with a set screw on it. Is this where the adjustment is made or is it at the other end at the shifter? Hoping to save myself some work by attacking the right end. I have attached a photo of the transmission. Thanks for the help.
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Re: Shifter Adjustment
Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:03 pm

We are having the same problem. Did you find a solution? How did you fix it? We are lost. We are losing power in the same gears and don't have a clue where to go from here. Any info would be great. I'll try to get some pics up of ours. Maybe someone out there with an 01 has a Help!
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