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Location of bus heater core/ac evaporator

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Okay, where is the bus heater core/ ac evaporator and blower motor located ?
When this bus was originally converted The bus ac and heat were left in. The ac compressor has since been removed. I am replacing the radiator and all hoses , etc related to coolant system. I have cut loose all lines going forward, drivers heater core not installed at present. I will run new lines to it eventually.But I wish to remove all the old unused hoses and cores. The bays are completely finished off, where is the normal access to the heat/ac system. The only thing I see is a panel underneath between the boogie between the two fuel tanks.
Thanks ED
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The heater core, evaporator and two blower motors are accessed in the third baggage bay and sit between the fuel tanks. They come out through the center of bulkhead five into the third baggage bay.
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Daniel, Thanks for the info, but not what I needed to hear. I quess they will stay put for a while. That bay is where all the holding tanks are. I ain't going to remove all that just to take out unused parts. I disconnected all coolant lines back at engine will have to do for now. Do you know if the front heater/defrost lines splice back at the bus heater core area,maybe this ain't getting hooked back up anytime soon not knowing the shape of the lines/hoses.
Thanks Ed
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A lot of people take those out and put water tanks in there to gain bay space. Taking something apart that is working is sometimes hard to bring yourself to do though.
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