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Alternator power

This is a public forum to discuss Eagle related technical issues. If you are having a problem with your Eagle, this is the place to find help.
Alternator power
Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:12 pm

I have a few questions about my new '05 (well only a few at this second) I haven't ordered my manual yet so right now I am relying on the boards and my eyes to figure things out. I have learned a lot so far searching and normally would just keep cross referencing searches until I find the answers, but I also never expected to actually have the bus (as mentioned earlier she has no name so I am stuck calling her "The Bus") in my driveway in less than a week after deciding on a bus instead of another rv to replace my Class "A" totaled by a tree last month.
I am a full timer, so although I will be taking the time to do things right and try to do the research on my own as much as I can, I will probably not search forever before I come out and ask. So please feel free to just point me in the direction of where I need to look, I don't always need it written out again special for me.
I appreciate the help and I am more than willing to try to find the answer so I don't have to re-ask questions answered elsewhere but as I said I would rather be planning and working than spending 6 hours to look something up first.

So here are a few:
1) What size and model is the alternator?-or is it a generator?

2) Where would I find information on the air toilet? Google searches for air toilet show manufacturers and the advantages of them. The concept sounds great, but I am unsure of its actual usability for me. I will not be using it as it sits, it doesn't work into floor plan and until I understand its function it has no use to me in my planning at all. All I see is the toilet an the air valves outside, beyond that I am lost.

3) Ok here is one that I have no clue about. In the back of the basement what is the big "thing" that sticks out from the wall. I started to pull the handle on what ever that tray looking thing is but decided that it would be better to leave it until I knew what it was just in case removing it meant needing to replace what was in there. It looks big from under bus also.

4) I realize that we have a lot to turn but is there any way to change the gear ratio on the steering? Trying to make hard turns, especially "S" type turns is insane.
We brought it across the turn around on the four lane to get in the driveway which is about 10'-15' down the other direction (heading east turn left into crossover in median and driveway is 10-15 feet west) so you are actually making a left handed u-turn directly into a hard right turn.
With the air power steering I am thinking that changing gear ratio would not make turns physically hard but right now it feels like you have to turn the wheel 10 times one way and then you have to do it again to turn the other way. Not very much fun when crossing a road like that.
I'm sure a smart man would have driven up the road and turned around, but I am also sure that my drive way is not the only place in the country that I will run into a turn like that and in many places it may be my only choice.

I just put in a couple, I wanted to keep this book from getting much longer.
Thanx Bob
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4 Speed
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Re: Alternator power
Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:24 pm


The alternator is a Delco, probably 270 or 300 amp. It should be located in the rear left corner of the engine compartment assuming everythings original.

In the back of the basement or baggage bays is the original bus air-conditioning evaporator and heater core along with the blower motors.
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