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"Small" Kitchen sink strainers

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"Small" Kitchen sink strainers
Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:56 pm

Contrary to what some building supply stores, and even plumbing supply palces may tell you, the slightly "smaller" sinks and strainers used in many buses and other RVs are NOT necessarily unique to RVs.

The strainer assemblies in my dual kitchen sink need replacing due to years of hard water corrosion. I realized as I looked for replacements that the "small" sink AND the "small" strainers are actually perfectly normal for BAR sinks and FOOD PREP sinks.

After both Lowes and McCoy Building Supplies sent me to a specialist plumbing store, I found the replacement strainers IN STOCK at the plumbing store.

They are labeled simply as:

"chrome plated stainless steel body (!!) BAR SINK strainer, size 2 1/2 inch diameter hole, with drop-in basket".

They cost only a remarkable $5 and change each. :D
Jim Gnitecki
("Jim G")
1979 Eagle Model 05 reborn around 1997
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