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Axle Weight Ratings

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Re: Axle Weight Ratings
Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:42 am

Ahoy, Eagles,

My Eagle -01 weight with nothing inside but a driver's seat, corrected to zero fuel was 21,200 lbs. All skinned, new (somewhat lighter weight) baggage doors. No inner insulation or panels. 3/4" plywood floor. Seven standard -10 windows.

At that time, the engine was a DD-6v92, -w- Allison 750, steel wheels. No water tanks, only two batteries @~~ 60 lb ea. Fuel tanks complete for maybe 400 lbs.

I'd suggest that this is about as close to a 'starting weight' as you can get for an Eagle -01

My present 'All up' weight, with 100 gallons water, and 275 gallons fuel, ~~800 lbs of house batteries and interior at about 90% is 31,900 lbs. I'll gain maybe 1,000 lbs by completion, and say 500 -- 1000 lb of typical provisions.

So, with completion at about 34,000 lbs, I'd suggest that my -01 one of the lighter weight Eagle around. (BTW, is one EVER complete????)

Enjoy /s/ Bob
Bob Belter Carmel CA ---- Eagle -01 /w/ Cummins M-11/ Roadranger ten speed RTO1110
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