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simple questions#1 - transmission oil level

This is a public forum to discuss Eagle related technical issues. If you are having a problem with your Eagle, this is the place to find help.

Firts of all, the fluids in the transmission are oil?

How can I assure that has the right level, the thing to check this has a lot of marks.
Julio & Julieta Pérez

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You must check an automatic transmission fluid level when the bus is running and warmed up. The automatic should take regular automatic transmission fluid. What marks do you have on your dipstick?
Daniel Lenz
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Julio,Hi,there is a mark for checking the level hot and one for when cold and the lower one ,I think is the add mark,not shure how much to add when at lower mark.Also fluid tobe checked whith the engine running,hope this helps.good luck my friend

Sorry Dan posted at same time,carry on :D
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