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Urethane Foam Insulation

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Urethane Foam Insulation
Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:02 pm

In a separate thread (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=325&p=2579&hilit=foam#p2579) it was suggested that urethane foam breaks down after a few years. That really bothered me.

The urethane family is very stable and quite inert. It is used for a ton of products including shoes, windshield glue, automotive paint, and we used it for our Harley belts at Gates. I had not heard of any issues with product life. Indeed, urethane foam has been the product of choice in the high end RV market and industrial trailers for many years.

I sprayed my truck conversion several years ago. Some of the spray got on the outside. I was told that it would break down in a year or two (efforts to remove it proved fruitless), because of UV exposure. I had that truck for several years, and the overspray never broke down.

I did considerable searching today and the following are some sites that suggest urethane insulation (sprayed or sheet) is very long lasting.

1) viewtopic.php?f=8&t=325&p=2579&hilit=foam#p2579



I did quite a bit of searching for problems using words like "life" "breakdown" "Walmat" etc. and did not find any issues.

I then did a search for urethane foam and "trailers" and fournd this site: ... _together/

This site would suggest that urethane is still the universal insulator in commercial trailers.

I wonder if the Walmart trailer issue involves some other foam product? Homes have a cellulose based spray and I am sure there are others.

So, I thought I would bring this back up on a new thread and see if others have heard of any problems. This is mostly academic for me, as I will probably never have a situation where I can spray our bus, but I know a bunch of you are headed in that direction.

Jim Shepherd
Evergreen, CO
'85 Eagle 10 with Series 60 & Eaton AutoShift 10 speed transmission - not at all fancy, but fully functional
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Re: Urethane Foam Insulation
Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:14 pm

Jim, check out a divison of Branhart Mfg in North Carolina their Insurance Co paid me dearly to remove it for Walmart on 5 stores.They will get around to telling you that the foam has a R valve of 10R per inch but goes to 6R in 6 months time and are not telling you everything.Bet you their rates went through the roof paying a 5 mil claim.

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