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Compressor and belts for dash air

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Compressor and belts for dash air
Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:41 pm

I have been talking to Jim on the phone about this but I thought it would be better to post it here so others can learn. I am putting the parts together for my dash air. The compressor I have is a Sanden Model # u4417 or a SD7H15 it has an 8 grove pully for a type K belt. I think this is an automotive type belt. I what to use an industrrial belt. I think I can get a clutch that has a 2 groove type A pully. Is that an industrial belt?

Thanh You Wayne
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The early model Eagles had a belt driven alternator with type A grooves and had 3 belts. They also used a type A pulley when a customer ordered drivers air only, with 1 belt.

Daniel Lenz
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