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Pintzsite comes to close! Rally in the Rockies begins!

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Well, after a 5 day pre-rally, it is time to move to the campsite and get the main show on the road!

Our last day at Pintzsite, started out with another ATV ride with a couple of new faces on board. We went to McCullough Peaks Mountain Range. New faces on board were Dave St. John , Jack Bernritter and Don Gourley...Yes Don Gourley! :P When I asked Don if he wanted to go on the ride...he said "where are you going"...I told him The mountain Range...sure I 'll go! Well.........I think all he heard was Range...and thought it was a golf outing, because when we got to the top of our first steep mountain, on a cliff road with a very sharp hair pin turn, Don was white as a ghost! Things went from bad to worst for Don, when he asked me how much further we had to go...I said awww..about 62 miles or so! He almost got sick right there on top of the mountain. Dave St. John was driving the ATV Don was on, and informed me of Dons problem with heights! HELLO...a little late to find this out, don't ya think? :?: When we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, back at the trailer, Don got on his knees and kissed the ground! :!: All in all..we had a great ride, saw a bunch of antelope. 3 miles into the unloading site,,,30 miles out and back and 3 miles out to the main road! A great time!
I would like to give a special thanks to Rene & Dennis Hafenbreadl for the use of their trailer. It was a blessing to load up 4 units at one time, making it much easier to get the rides taken care of. Thank again....

We stopped into the campground, checked on a few new arrivals...
Virginia & Dave Eck
Dave & Rowdy Kellas
Mike & Nina O'Rouke
Mark & Kathy Renner
Wayne & Lin Schell
28 of the 32 are here early, and ready to go!
On Wednesday, the Pintzsite crew will be caravaning through Cody,12 strong, as they make there way to the campground!
Check out the photos from the past few days.

On behalf of Pam, Jack and myself, we would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. You are a great group of people, we enjoyed every second of The Pintzsite Rally!
No matter what, WE could not of done it with out you!
Tony,Pam and Jack!
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Here is the link to the photos from the last 2 days...

Sorry that they are not in order and I have not gotten to the captions and titles as of yet...

These bus folk sure do know how to use all the time in a day!! :)

Hope you enjoy
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Location: Cody, Wyoming

We will be leaving Rawlins by daylight or shortly after ,
hope there are no walmarts on the way i have to stop at .
Matt and Carolee
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We have had a great time seeing friends from earlier times and meeting new friends.
We are the FILO coach. First in last out. I am guessing Art and Cindy will be intown and their brakes cooled off before we get moved. Bur hey we are stating out second year of retirment and fulltime RVing so we onlu have time. See ya'll in town.
Great job Tony & Pam. Jack and I are starting to communicate he did eat out of my hand last evening. Pam great pics. And thanks for allowing us to compact your yard a few days.
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