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Pre-Rally has started....Eagle have landed at Pintzsite!

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Pictures from Pintzsite...ATV trip earlier today and the Bear Creek Saloon this evening for the pig races. Another 6 buses arrived at Pintzsite today!! ... =slideshow
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MONDAY August 22, 2011....Hot today, Did get into the 90's
Current temp at 10:00 p.m. 66 degrees with around 30 % humidity.
Oh boy,,,,where to start?
The day started off with our ATV ride up into the mountains.We had a great time exploring! We put over 30 miles on, and all enjoyed the day. No bears appeared, so all came back as they left...just a little dirtier :lol:

We came home, cleaned off the dirt,,,Pam and helpers went right to work preparing the Italian supper for everyone, while I headed for the campground to check on the new arrivals and make sure they were coming out to the house.
Found the Thomas's, Piggs, Shepards and Gilberts checked in.That gives us 22 early arrivals between the campground and Pintzsite.
Hurried home when Pam called to tell me that Nancy Lesser-Adamo was at the house. Her business name is She sells 12 volt Led light bulbs for the interior lighting in the busses. She hooked up with a few people, and may come back Thursday at the campground to see if she can be of service to anyone else.

The dinner kicked off on schedule...6 p.m. Tried more than once to count the people in attendance, but got up to 40 or so, and was distracted..lost count. Guessing 45-50 people. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food. Dennis Hafenbreadl, was on the "big pot" gas cooker taking care of cooking the 15 lbs of macaroni. Dave St. John did a bang up job as our pastry chef, as well as an extra hand in a very busy kitchen, including serving the hungry guests. Renae Hafenbreadl was priceless! Can't begin to tell you the help she was. 8-) What worker/team player we have.
From nowhere, the group formed this instant mess hall, that a mobile army unit would of been proud of. Tables came from every direction, we had a dynamite table cloth covering team and chairs appeared from everywhere.
Special thanks to the tent people(you know who you are) for holding down the fort, when the Wyoming winds started acting up. The ladies who threw Pam out of the kitchen and commenced cleaning up...well,,,a kiss to each and every one of you.THANK YOU!!! :D :D
Pam is posting on facebook as I write to you. Picture will be up tomorrow of today's activities.

Having a great time, with a great bunch of people and a lot of cool busses! What more could anyone ask for :?: .....well,,,maybe some Jack Daniels would be good!

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Posts: 142
Joined: Tue May 18, 2010 7:26 pm
Location: Cody, Wyoming


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