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Rally in the Rockies Update....28...looking for 30!!!

This is the public forum for listing and discussing upcoming events. Please keep discussion on subject to make it easy for people to find the information they need.

Well our posted deadline date of July 15, 2011 has past. At this point, we have 28 coaches paid for, with two more very strong promises in the works. We expect a few more calls because our original packages that went out at Quartsite did not have a deadline on them.We are NOT planning on turning anyone away. :!:

We are working on a format for our early arrivals. We have just completed installing our water and electric hook-ups for those who choose to come early and stay at our house. This afternoon, we had a friend with a Bob Cat, cut us a new entrance driveway into our yard to make it easier to get in and out of our property. We are set up for 8 electric-20 amp service and 8 water service for those who need it. First come, first served.
For those who come early...if you can make it here by Sunday August 21, 2011, and if you feel like taking a one hour ride to Montana, we can go to the famous PIG Races. Besides being a hoot, this hole in the wall restaurant has some of the best Prime Rib and Steaks around. Lots of fun and something to see.

Monday, we have scheduled a A.T.V rally to go into the mountains. If you bring your 4 wheeler, you will have a ball. My friend Jim will guide us. He is a big hunter, and knows every inch of the mountains.

Monday night, Pam is planning her favorite Italian dinner scheduled at the house. If you are staying at the campground or at the house, you are invited!

Tuesday is a free day to explore Cody area or Yellowstone Park.

Early Wednesday afternoon we will head for the campground to get settled in. I will be parking everyone, so on Wednesday, all arrivals are asked to use the rear entrance. More to follow on this when you get your final conformation letter.

Our first meal as a group on Wednesday night, will consist of a
100 plus lb. pig, which will be smoker roasted. We have all the fixin's with it including the Chef's famous Cowboy bread pudding, served with whiskey sauce! :twisted: The pig will start to be prepared at around 2 p.m.! Keep posted for the rest!!!!

Different subject. I have met with the folks who clean motor homes at the campground. If you are interested in washing your coach, you have 2 options. The campground allows you to clean it yourself in your spot for a $ 10.00 fee. If you hate washing that beast, we can arrange for it to be done for $ 1.75 a foot, with a extra $ 5.00 charge for the roof. Because of the time this will take the power washers, it can only be done with an appointment. Let me know if you will need this service.

We are working on our shirts. I have had a few inquiries on long sleeve shirts. We can get them, they will be $ 16.00 each. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.

That is it for now with more to follow.
Thanks for your time! :P
Tony, Pam & Jack
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