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Rally in the Rockies....25 strong and growing

This is the public forum for listing and discussing upcoming events. Please keep discussion on subject to make it easy for people to find the information they need.

Here is an update for the Rally in the Rockies...August 24-26,2011, in Cody, Wyoming.

As of today's date, 7/11/11 we have surpassed our goal of 20 coaches, and are at 25, with 3 other inquires outstanding. Not to worry if you have not sent in your form, we still have room for you. I have contacted the Absaroka Bay Campground today and bumped our reservation space up to 30 spots.

For those of you who will be coming early, and wish to stay at the Absaroka Campground, make you reservation and tell them you are with the Eagles International group. This will get you your discounted rate, should be $ 29.00 a night ( per Tom, Owner...307-527-7440), and should put you in a spot that will not require moving.( No promises but we will do our best! :P

ONE correction from the Registration showed Thursday night as the dinner date....that is NOT is Wednesday night! 8-)

Here is the current list of attendees!

Lin & Wayne Schell- Colorado
Karen & Bob Ward- Kansas
Lois & Dave St. John- New Mexico
Carolee Hale & Matt Plumlee- Texas
Lani & Bill Pratt- Nevada
Eileen & Andy Wright- Montana
Becky & Paul Lawry- Texas
Cindy & Art Wales- California
Glynda & George McConaughey- Arizona
Virginia & David Eck- California
Frankie & Joe Laird- South Dakota
Betty & Jack Bernritter- Kansas
Anne & Le Roy Willis- South Dakota
Norma & Allen Spitler- Missouri
Laura & Wilbur Bradbury- Washington
Renae & Dennis Hafenbreadl- Wisconsin
Shirley & Jeff Jefferson- Oklahoma
Sandi & Bob Gilbert- Oklahoma
Kathy & Richard Struck- Colorado
Pat & Jim Shepherd- Colorado
Carole & Don Gourley- Colorado
Frea & Bernd Gehrke-Neumann- California
Betty & Byron Pigg- Missouri
Kathy & Mark Renner- Washington
Rhonda & Bryan Larrabee- Vancouver, B.C. Canada
and US..Pam,Tony, & Jack!

For more Tony 307-250-6966 or email is at

Keep posted for tentative schedule of events!

14 different states represented and 2 Countries!!
Shouldn't YOU be here too??? ( Oh, by the way,,,east of the Mississippi are welcome too...come out west for a vacation...don't be shy,,,nobody in the group bites!

Pam & Tony with Jack as security
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