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NonRally at Palmetto Cove (Cleveland South Carolina)

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Wanted to make sure you all knew about this upcomming rally. Several here already attend :) ... ic=17013.0

October 4th thru 10th (early arrival & staying later is welcome)
No reservations taken (will be easier to plan if you post your intentions here tho . . . )
No rally fee, just the ~$22/night campground fee that includes full hookups (elec, water, & sewer).
For meals, we will continue with the modified potluck - I'll have the main dish & everyone brings a side or a donation.

Theme is same as always -- Eat & Greet

Tentative Schedule:

Monday thru Friday noon - Wing it - depending on who is there & what 'we' want to do. There are many hiking trails & waterfalls in the area.
To see some of what is available:
(The Cove is in North West Greenville County & close to Northern Pickens county.)

Friday (10-9)
6:00 PM - spaghetti (In the Hall)

Saturday (10-10)
8:00 AM - Sausage, eggs & grits & O.J. (In the hall)
Noon - No plan, suggest hot dogs & hamburgers (under the shelter)
6:00 PM - BBQ (In the Hall)

Sunday (10-11)
8:00 AM - biscuits & gravy, pastries (In the hall)
Noon - leftovers (In the hall)

Bring your own plates, utensils, napkins, drinks & etc for meals.

Hope to see ya there!
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