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Lessons learned on a recent attempted camping trip.

This is the place to tell about all the cool places your Eagle takes you. Hopefully there will be lots of great pictures that will help us all plan future trips.

I love this board and use it often to gather information for my own selfish use. I have only been a coach owner for a little over a year and I finally think I have something to contribute. Everything in the list below is just common sense and you many already have this in place, but often I think we get focused on the less important things and forget the obvious ones.

Please feel free to add other suggestions of others can learn.

1. Get a towing service. I use coach net. They are great.
2. Have a plan in place on where to take the coach along the way if you break down.
3. I had planned to take the bus back home to give me time to decide where to take it to get it repaired. I found out a 37’ wrecker and a 40’ bus need a lot of turning room, so that was out.
4. Put every phone contact you have where you can access it. I did not even have the number for Coachnet. Put them in your phone, one a piece of paper or in a directory and put it in your coach.
5. Have water for all traveling with you in case you are there for a while. I broke down in front of a convenience store so it was not a problem but could have been.
6. Keep plenty of fuel in your bus and generator I had plenty to get the fuel station but not enough to run the generator the entire time I was stranded. The coach was stopped in front of where I get fuel.
7. Make sure you have a way to tow the bus. I was blocking a road that had been narrowed down to 1 lane for construction. I took the bumper off to access the tow hooks and there were not any. I did find a strap wrapped around the spare tire to remove it and wrapped it around a support in the front and used it to get out of the road with a backhoe that was working on the road.
8. Have a backup plan. This was to be our family vacation. I sent the wife and kids to a water park for the day while I waited on the tow truck, and we went to an amusement park and aquarium in Chattanooga the following 2 days saving out vacation.
9. Make a list of all those people that tell you, you should have called so and so. So next time you can call them.
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i hope i never need it, but wehre ist the waterpark?

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Winburg, Thank You for the excellent information.

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