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Cody Rally

This is the place to tell about all the cool places your Eagle takes you. Hopefully there will be lots of great pictures that will help us all plan future trips.
Cody Rally
Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:17 pm

If some of you seem to be having trouble keeping your balance or may be running into things not to worry.
I know lots of folks are either moving into the bus making ready for the trip or are on the road making smoke. That could be the cause of your problems if you are not headed toward Cody. All this action has caused the earth to modify it's axis to accommidate this unusual weight shift.
This PM find Liberty and the Willis' in Douglas WY at the city park running our i2000 genset to warm up the batteries a bit. Then on to Thermopolis tomorrow where we are scheduled into the worlds largest hot springs feed swimming pool that just so happens to have an RV park included. A couple nights there and on to Cody. see ya'll soon.
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Re: Cody Rally
Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:57 pm

Enjoy the Hot sprints in Thermopolus. They are wonderful.............
I would love to be sitting in them myself right about now.

If you have time the Dinosaur Museum is awesome also. :o

See you in Cody! We will head out of Gold Hill Nevada on Thursday morning.
:P :P
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