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Valentines Day (don'dt forget guys!)

This is the place to tell about all the cool places your Eagle takes you. Hopefully there will be lots of great pictures that will help us all plan future trips.
Valentines Day (don'dt forget guys!)
Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:34 am

Cherish and Obey … Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once again, the train has left the station and I am lost, but there may still be a ray of hope for all you other guys out there. Guess I will try and salvage this sinking ship and devote some serious effort today to locating something suitable for this, our special day, which has snuck up on me and caught me off guard but once again. It is hard to believe but it is that time of year, and that special wonderful day is just around the corner.

Casually I mentioned this very thing to my neighbor yesterday and he said, “How long have you two been married?” and I shook my head and replied, “Every day … Every day, man. And each and every day with her is special and a wonderful day and another wonderful day is right around the corner.”
He just smiled. He knows … He is married too.

So, once again it is time to acknowledge my profound devotion and love with some kind of visual tangible something if I know what is good for me … Which of course is …. Men talk. I believe that I am still in the dog house over last year’s gift. I asked her what she wanted, she told me “something white, with chrome, and it goes from zero to 125 in 3 seconds” which was easy, I bought her a bathroom scale, but that dog didn’t hunt at all.

Another year I told her, “My gift to you is me!” which too, did not fly, not for a New York minute.

Time has caught up with me again, like smoke thru a key hole; it is now that time but once again. I haven’t got a inkling as to what to get her, maybe I will get a plasma TV and claim “it’s for us.” Might try that one this year. Yeah, that would be an ephemeral moment for sure.

As it is with most men, I am clueless, I don’t have a snowball’s chance, might do better to just wrap a rubber band around a HUGE wad of MONEY and just give it to her. It is after all … her favorite color …. Green.

Gift giving can be stressful and dangerous. Which reminds me of the time I decided that an appropriate anniversary gift for my lady would be the “George Foreman Grill” which she gave back to me in a sort of forceful upward motion as I remember it.

Are you listening men? Here is your thought for the day: “Love is never having to say you’re sorry ... If you know what is good for you.” (There is going to be a test later, count on it, you had best be ready!) Neglect this holiday and you can bet on parting before death.

You can wrestle with it all you want, move back and forth, look down at the floor and mutter pitifully … “Uh Honey, I just forgot. I really did.” But that will not work, you can put up the best front you can muster in the real world, spin it any way you can, but it is to no avail. Believe it or not, your wife is in tune with the universe, she will see thru that faster than Superman sees through Lois Lane’s pantsuits.
The unwritten rule is … If you forget … There is no ultimate reprieve. When you neglect to acknowledge the person who vowed to love you for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?

Big mistake.

Some say that Valentine’s Day is a time to recognize the strength of your marriage, not test the weaknesses. I remember I asked her one time, “Hon, don’t ever let me get so senile and crazy you have to put me in a nursing home, okay?” She looked at me with that lil crooked smile and said, “Don’t worry … I will shoot you long before that!”

As I didn’t do too well on Mothers Day or Christmas for that matter, I now have a chance to attune for my past sins, and exercise a new fresh approach to Matrimonial Harmony. I sincerely believe that I have, once again, a shot at it. Now that I have sufficiently raised my total word count for the month of February, I am outta here!

As I mentioned before, I have some shoppin’ to do … I hear Sear’s is holding a sale on toolboxes, a bright shiny red, three-drawer-roller bearing, flip top lid, nestled into the bay on the driver’s side sure would be nice.

The monkey never learns.

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A good story, and a true one at that!

Yes it's a special day for our loved ones. Just remember to say I Love You everyday, you'll not regret it.
Paul Lawry
1968 Eagle 01 #7443
Silver 8V92 HT 740

Dreamscape Build Blog:
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I Learn Sooo Much Here :shock:

Most Forgotten Before I Get Up Away From The Computer :oops:

BCO...You Crack Me Up !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

But All So True.... :P

Tell Us More About The Sale At Sears... :lol:


JOHN 8-)
John & Stephanie
1972 Silver Eagle 05 8V71 4 Speed Man.(TRAILWAYS)
1984 Eagle 10 45 Foot... 60 Series / B500
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Club Member
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Hiya! :D, Cheryl's gift this year is a new frying pan :lol: :lol: to replace the one I hid (and for the life of me I just can't remember where I put that bugger ;) ) away after she tried to step up to the plate (my head) and knock it outta the park! :lol: :lol: , so I think I got off lite this year ;) :D
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Nice story Don, keep writing here...

The truth and nothing more than the truth, period.
Julio & Julieta Pérez

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busdriver58 wrote:Nice story Don, keep writing here...

The truth and nothing more than the truth, period.

Thanks Julio,

My wife says that I exaggerate, but that is not exactly true, "I often embellish" in order to clarify, but I rarely exaggerate.

For instance: Winter might be getting close to being over ... I see where the deer are starting to move around.



Posts: 538
Joined: Thu May 21, 2009 7:42 pm

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