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Pre Trip for our Trip to the Texas Bus Roundup

This is the place to discuss all your tricks and tips of bus life. From how to pack everything you need, to the best on the road recipes.

The time has finally arrived. After the coach sitting since the Breau Bridge Rally, yip, that's right, just sitting waiting for the next journey. We've been real busy with life and it was time to take her out and stretch her legs.

I spent yesterday morning checking fluids and making sure she was ship shape. Becky and her Mom arrived around noon, we headed out for a spin, get some fuel and go get some lunch.

I had fired her up (Dreamscape) to check for any issues before they arrived, so it was all nice and toasty warm inside. The heater I had installed in the front worked great, almost too great as I cranked up the fans. Everything went smooth as silk, sure was good to hear the ole gal purr. After I unhooked the coach from the pedestal and everyone was seated we headed out onto the open road.

We headed west on I-20 taking the 277 north to Anson, stopping at Hawley to fill up at a Shell, had some fuel cards I needed to use up. I topped her off at around 90 gals at $2.43 per gallon, filled up our 5 gal container for the gen set, and headed out to eat in Anson. We arrived around 1:45 and saw the restaurant was closing at 2pm. I went and asked them if they had stopped serving yet, nope. That was a good sign, went back to the bus to get Becky and her Mom.

After we ate we headed back home, which wasn't all that far. But it was a good day, got to drive Dreamscape, give Becky's Mom a ride and spend some time with my wife. Becky has been staying at her Mom's for the past 3 weeks, dealing with some medical issues.

After arriving back at our spot at Buck Creek RV Park, I had to bid them goodbye as her Mom was real tired. Her Mom had not seen the inside of the coach since we started the kitchen early in the year, she sad it was very comfortable.

Then I saw Clifford had left me a note on the "Other Board" to give him a call, they were to arrive in Abilene later that afternoon. I met them at the Wal Mart, ate and spent time visiting with him and Sonja. Clifford was telling me that Doyle had taken them to a steak house in El Paso the night before, forgot the name but he said it was real good.

What a great way to end the day!

Now I just have to wait until this coming Thursday to head out to our Texas Rally and spend time with friends, and getting to meet some new ones. I think we will have around 25 coaches this year, the largest gathering yet.

Life is good!
Paul Lawry
1968 Eagle 01 #7443
Silver 8V92 HT 740

Dreamscape Build Blog:
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Paul,Wish we could be there,guess this is one more rally we will miss unfortunately.Have fun,give every one our regards.

Some day....
Van :)
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Club Member
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Life is good , Have fun and Gods Blessing
Andy Wright 68 Silver Eagle Model 5 8V92 #7481
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Eagle Andy
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Okay, now I'm all fired-up for Quartzsite! There's nothing better than the pre-flight inspection, crankin' and makin' smoke, then heading for fuel. That's the time for the brake and steering check, dust some mosquitos while checking the power, and rolling back home to load food and people.

Cindy and I are heading for Phoenix for Thanksgiving, Yuma between Christmas and New Years, then Quartzsite at the end of the month. As it turns-out, 2010 will be my retirement year, then we'll be able to set course for east for a bit and maybe make some of the more easterly rallies.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road.

Art Wales
1988 Eagle 15
Riverside County, CA
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Sunchaser Art
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I have got to get this retirement thing figured out. I am jealous.

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