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Summer Ends

This is the place to discuss all your tricks and tips of bus life. From how to pack everything you need, to the best on the road recipes.
Summer Ends
Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:30 am

I sure would be cool to be able to see who it was that was reading your stuff. Maybe we can tweak this sucker a little and see if that can be done, say immediately after the by-law saga is completed. Nine more days until TBR which is good, I hope they have a buffet ... I am ravenous in my old age.

Thank you Dale for changing my avatar, it is nice to know that you are there for all of us, that are technically impaired.

I tried to download a ring-tone for my phone once. Figured if I had George Strait or Reba singing to me in the tire-shop, it would make me impotent, er, important. Cost was $3.99 and when I got done, I was way over twelve dollars!

One of my biggest fears in life, is the fact that I will someday die, and when I get to the pearly gates, an angel will ask .... “Screen name and password please.”

Uh .... huh?

Last day of summer, fall begins tomorrow, git ready. Weather guessers are saying we are headed for a weather change. I do notice that the days are getting shorter, takes the sun longer to come up in the morning, winter is setting in. No songbirds in the yard and all my winged friends have gone south, I feel neglected and alone.

Chill in the air and football on the tube. The rest of the time it is windy. Getting colder, time to brace yourself and get ready. Wait for the warmer, and wetter weather, when spring comes sneaking in again like a smooth green snake.

Buds swell and burst, small flowers push up and then the bigger ones appear. Hear the tillers and mowers start, the color is now sharp green and tangy yellow. Blue skies and green grass are everywhere the yard is lined with roses and wild sweet peas. Fields soon will wave with the tall stands of wild oats and Rye.

The whole world is new again.

Unfortunately, all that is a ways off I am afraid. Today here is my DVR reality. Ax-Men marathon, a couple of hours of sawing and multiple tree-felling, cussing so frequent that every other word seems to be bleeped and it ends up being a chain-saw fed mess of incomprehensible mayhem, truly male television at its best.

What a testosterone rush … Tune me in.

I tried really hard to find those fans that Bob Beltner had in his Battery Farm post (p/n 17937-fn 12vdc @ $5.95) and could not locate them to save my life. It’s a shame, but that is the way it goes ... first yo’ muny and then yo’ clothes.

Looks like it is going to be one of them weeks ... Watch those right handers.

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Re: Summer Ends
Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:31 am

Don, great story as usual :D try this link for the fan . ;) :D :D
Club Member
Club Member
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Re: Summer Ends
Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:10 pm

van wrote:Don, great story as usual :D try this link for the fan . ;) :D :D

How didya do that huh? Huh? I crawled all over that site, like a Monkey on a Jungle Jim and I never could find them. Now you show me where they are, and guess what?


The monkey never learns.

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