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What is the purpose of Eagles International?

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Eagles International. This is a public forum.

Eagles International has one purpose. To bring together people with a common interest in Silver Eagle buses.

In the pursuit of this goal, we strive to help people understand and appreciate the history of the Silver Eagle. Also, to help people understand the mechanics of Silver Eagle buses, to help people in the many facets of converting a Silver Eagle buses, and even to help spread the word about the future of Silver Eagle buses.

We are able to accomplish these goals because of the knowledge and dedication of our membership. We are a community. Through our newsletters, our rallies, and now through this website our members reach out to help each other. Whether it be a bit of technical advice, some words of encouragement, or maybe even in some cases a turn of a wrench... Our members help each other. Knowledge is shared, friendships are forged... and lots of fun is had! All because of the Silver Eagle.
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